****Please Note**** While I will leave this website up, in hopes that readers will find the resources I recommend helpful, I have returned to parish ministry and am not currently publishing newsletters, updating the blog, offering PLAYshops, or accepting new clients.  At this time, I believe that is how I can best be true to myself and, more importantly, to my call from God.  Thanks for your understanding and I wish you well as you seek to be true to yourself and to God.

I’d like to introduce you to someone…YOURSELF.

Actually, you’ve already met, but chances are it was so long ago you’ve forgotten.  You might have fleeting memories of yourself – I mean the REAL you, the person God created you to be – but all kinds of people and circumstances over the course of your life have made it necessary for you to say goodbye (or at least “not now”) to that true self and hello to the person you became instead in order to survive.

Maybe the true self’s desire to be an artist, or writer, or dancer, or whatever else you once dreamed of doing got crushed by the weight of others’ expectations, your own self-doubts, or the financial necessity of getting a “real job.”  Perhaps parenthood and/or a demanding career and/or caring for aging relatives has left you with no time or energy left to listen to that inner voice reminding you that “having it all” by the world’s standards doesn’t matter much if your own soul is starving to death, and that you have needs that have been ignored for far too long.

It’s also possible that you stayed busy enough to avoid noticing the fact that your true self  was getting neglected, if not totally abandoned, as you climbed the corporate or academic ladder, or built your own business, or devoted yourself to being the perfect spouse or parent or caregiver, and it wasn’t until you retired, or  your children left home, or you were divorced or widowed, or the person you had been caring for died or entered a nursing home, that you realized that you had lost yourself somewhere along the way and had no idea who you were apart from those roles or what you wanted to do next.

Whatever your personal situation may be, and wherever you are in your life’s journey, it’s time for you to rediscover your true self and embrace her!

You are God’s beloved child, created with unique gifts meant to be shared with the world.  Who you are, not what you do, is what truly matters…and when you get to know the real you that has been carefully hidden away, and let her out to play, you will enjoy your life like never before! You’ll also have a lifelong best friend, someone who understands you and shares your interests, is eager to encourage you as you try new things, remind you to love and nurture yourself no matter how busy you may be loving and nurturing others, and tell you those truths that you may not want to hear but need to face in order to more fully become the wonderful person you are meant to be.

If you’re ready to meet the real you, here are some steps you can take right now:


  • Keep a notebook or journal at your bedside, and each night write down what you enjoyed most during that day.   Each morning, record anything you remember from your dreams.
  • Talk to friends, relatives, or others who knew you as a young child.  Ask them how they would describe you, what your favorite toys were, what you said you wanted to be when you grew up, etc.
  • Ask yourself questions like, “If I could relive a single day of my life, which day would I choose and why?” and “If I had the freedom and money to do anything, what would I choose to do?”
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  • Check out my list of recommended books, choose one or more based on your heart’s desire, read, reflect, and repeat as needed.
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Rediscover the person God created you to be! Contact me when you’re ready to get to know the real you and learn how to show her some love!  I look forward to providing the support, encouragement, and challenge you need to start taking concrete steps to transform your life!