What Is Be True To Yourself?


Rev. Wendi Gordon

Rev. Wendi Gordon

Be True to Yourself was started by Wendi Gordon in order to provide PLAYshops, life coaching, spiritual guidance, and other resources to help Christian women transform their lives. Wendi feels called to use her experience as a pastor and her teaching and counseling skills to help Christian women know and love themselves.


Wendi believes that every individual has unique gifts from God that can be used in a variety of ways and in many different settings, and that God wants us to use those gifts to their fullest potential. Let her help you discover what your gifts are and what God is calling you to do with them, and how to love yourself just the way you are while continuing to grow in faith, hope, and love.


Let our life coaching, PLAYshops and other resources help you rediscover who and Whose you are and transform your life!


The resources listed on this site are a great place to start. Many people, however, find it difficult to take the actions necessary to make significant changes on their own. Family and friends can be great sources of support and encouragement, but they are too emotionally involved to give objective feedback. Also, their fears may reinforce your own doubts and keep you from taking the risks required to make meaningful and lasting changes.


PLAYshops are a great way to learn more about yourself while benefiting from the collective wisdom of the group. Wendi is available to lead PLAYshops for churches, women’s groups, and other gatherings, and would be happy to customize a program for your organization. Rates vary depending on the specific details of your desired event.

Individual life coaching sessions help you clarify which aspects of your life you want to transform and what is keeping you from doing so, and then develop and implement a plan that will enable you to successfully accomplish your goals. Platinum packages include the opportunity for you to work one-on-one with Wendi via Skype or phone to achieve the specific results that will help you more fully become the person God created you to be.